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SEBO: The Vacuum Used at the White House

Mar 15

The White House has actually served as the palace as well as work environment of every President of the United States for more than 220 years now. With the house including 132 rooms, 35 restrooms, 8 staircases, 6 degrees, and 3 elevators, there's a lot of cleansing that requires to be done. As this location needs to be kept clean at all times, one can only picture the variety of vacuums that are being used to maintain the place tidy.

Hoover have advanced a whole lot since then, however one certain brand has actually constantly been a favorite for professional cleaners as well as maids, including those that remain in the White House: SEBO vacuum.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners in the White House

A vacuum cleaner with exceptional toughness, superior efficiency, and simplicity of use is vital in maintaining a clean house or workplace setting. SEBO vacuums are recognized to fit this description flawlessly, which is why they're not just discovered in houses however likewise in premium hotels, huge manufacturing facilities, leading hotels, as well as even in the White House.

SEBO hoover are engineered to supply superb and reliable performance for several years, so it's not surprising that why the White House staffers select SEBO when it pertains to cleaning the location.

During the very same year of its foundation in 1978, SEBO took the market by tornado when they released the SEBO 350 upright vacuum cleaner which featured an integrated pipe, clutch-protected brush roller, as well as by-pass motor. This vacuum was the first of its kind at that time, and also it was suggested for commercial usage. A year after, SEBO had their very first delivery of these commercial hoover to the USA. Later on, their house vacuums, the duo-P Cleaning Powder, were introduced in 1997.

While there's no precise date on record of when the first SEBO vacuum was utilized in the White House, we can only presume that it was most likely quickly after their very first shipment of vacuum items in the USA. Photos from different events held in the White House show some staff using SEBO vacuum or carrying their items up until today.

Why SEBO Vacuum Cleaners are Special

SEBO vacuums are thought about to be modern items, thanks to their German engineering that guarantees high precision and attention to information. This does not just make the products understood for being consistent, resilient, as well as powerful-- they're likewise furnished with advanced attributes that offer certain demands in different sorts of residences or offices.

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners can be found in cylinder, upright, and also main vacuum systems-- all crafted with excellent quality control and also sturdiness. Their products are also known to be functional as they use much more types of nozzles that are particularly designed for different functions. Their suction power is another reason that SEBO Vacuum Cleaners are unique-- these containers, uprights, and central vacuums are indicated to supply you with effective cleaning experience in almost every type of surface, whether it's hardwood floors or rug.

Purification is an additional factor why SEBO Vacuum Cleaners are unique, with each of these makers being equipped with S-class HEPA filtering. This filtration system enables clean air to exit the vacuum cleaner, maintaining dust and also various other particles far from the air you take a breath. This is very wonderful for individuals with bronchial asthma or allergic reaction, as it stops these aspects from activating allergies.

What cleansing experts love about SEBO vacuum are they're made with the best equilibrium of power and lightweight, permitting simplicity in maneuvering. They're ergonomically made to fit flawlessly on the body's all-natural contours without putting way too much tension on one's arms. They additionally have an adjustable suction-control system that lets you select the ideal setup for your cleansing task handy. With this function, it is easy to sweep family pet hair and other great particles from wood floorings and also other reduced stack carpets.

While their initial target customers are professional cleaners, a great deal of SEBO vacuums are additionally being utilized by property owners who intend to achieve a thorough cleansing. Given its features, elements, and also quality assurance standard, SEBO vacuum are thought about to be the most sophisticated cleaning appliances on the market today.