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Jan 16



Midland Master Carpet Cleaners knows that carpet cleaning is not the best option for many families. This traditional approach to carpet cleaning can make carpets soggy for days. It can also damage the fibers and colors and open the door to mold growth.

It can also leave behind sticky residues that attract dirt rather than repel it. This combination can make it a risky choice for your house and a poor solution that will not promote carpet longevity.

This is why we developed the HOT Carbonating Extraction process (H.C.E.). process. We have a solution that eliminates the many problems of steam cleaning. It provides amazing results that leave your carpets feeling and looking fresh.

Hot Carbonating Extraction, which is based on the dirt-dissolving ability of carbonation and a green cleaning solution called The Natural(r), offers all you need for exceptional carpet cleaning. It can clean carpets in as little as an hour without using toxic cleaning solutions or water waste.

Our Carpet Cleaning Motto

Find out the secret behind Midland Master Carpet Cleaners' tagline Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.? So you can quickly grasp the core values and priorities of our company, we've done it for you.

Drier Carpets

Hot carbonating extraction uses up to 80% less water than other steam cleaning methods. H.C.E. This process has many benefits. The first is that it results in less water wastage which is good for the planet.

Your carpets will not be saturated with moisture for many days. Instead, they will dry in less than 24 hours. This means that your family can get the fresh, plush feel of new carpets right after we deliver our services.

This low-moisture solution is great for carpet's integrity and health.

Cleaner Carpets

Traditional steam cleaning relies upon soapy detergents for the removal of dirt and grime. While this may seem like a sensible approach, it is not the best. These detergents are hard to wash away even with tons of water.

As a result, carpet fibers can often be left with traces of sticky residue. This acts as an attractor for dirt. This could be the reason your carpets look dirty again quickly after steam-cleaning.

Our core cleaner The Natural is formulated without soaps or detergents. This means that it doesn't attract dirt. Hot Carbonating Extension allows you to get out of the cycle that involves cleaning and drying your carpets. Instead of focusing on a carpet that stays cleaner longer, it uses hot carbonating extraction.

Carpets with healthier fibers (and a healthier home)

We know you wouldn't want to put your family's safety at risk through your cleaning habits. In addition to the fact that steam cleaning removes dirt and grime buildup in your carpets, it can also promote your home's health.

But you might not know if the steam cleaners that you use are using toxic chemicals. Their cleaning approach can result in mold growth, which could prove to be especially harmful to those with susceptible respiratory systems.

Midland Master Carpet Cleaners understands that the health of your family is our first priority. We make sure that cleaning solutions are safe and non-toxic for all family members, including pets. The Natural core cleaner uses ingredients that are listed on the FDA’s G.R.A.S. ( Generally Recognized As Safe List). This gives you the assurance that your carpet cleaning is contributing to your home's overall health.

Resounding evidence also supports our rug cleaning and fabric upholstery health benefits. A laboratory study found that Hot Carbonating Extraction removes 98%* non-living allergens* in carpets and upholstery.

This process can also get rid of dirt or grime. Our carpet cleaning services can not only improve the appearance of your carpets but also improve the indoor air quality and improve the well-being of your entire family.



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